I am a late-identified autistic woman with ADHD.  This blog includes self-reflection and intimate sharing to tell my story of autism diagnosis at midlife; and provides an unflinching look at my journey through perimenopause from the perspective of a neurodivergent woman, wife, and mother.

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Do I even want friends?

Do I even want friends?

A recent blog described a sound healing experience that I had; and in the weeks that have followed that sound healing, I have noticed a lot of shadow aspects of myself coming back around. When I wrote this blog about friends back in January, I felt that I had come...

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The Periphery Friend

The Periphery Friend

Note: This blog was written in January 2023, but not posted until July.  This week I went to the hair salon. As I was waiting for my hair colour to process, one of the stylists struck up a conversation with me. The stylists all know me and my daughters as we have...

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Allowing Envy

Allowing Envy

Yesterday I decided to allow envy. And as I think about that phrase 'allow envy' my mind wants to make it 'I allowed envy to get the better of me'. But it didn't get the better of me. The envy I experienced didn’t have an overall negative impact on me. In fact I...

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