Here I am
and wondering
whether you’ll
discover me

whether my words
will reflect
what your
own soul
has been screaming

Will you find
that sense of belonging
that’s eluded you –
that’s always been missing?

If you do…
then settle in
and let yourself go

And in my words
perhaps you too
will find your way
to becoming


In 2021, I was identified as autistic with ADHD.  This blog includes poetry, self-reflection, and intimate sharing to tell my story of autism diagnosis at midlife; and provides an unflinching look at my journey through perimenopause from the perspective of a neurodivergent woman, wife, and mother.

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wooden people separated by a hand
Do I even want friends?

Do I even want friends?

A recent blog described a sound healing experience that I had; and in the weeks that have followed that sound healing, I have noticed a lot of shadow aspects of myself coming back around. When I wrote this blog about friends back in January, I felt that I had come...

Friend left out of the group
The Periphery Friend

The Periphery Friend

Note: This blog was written in January 2023, but not posted until July.  This week I went to the hair salon. As I was waiting for my hair colour to process, one of the stylists struck up a conversation with me. The stylists all know me and my daughters as we have...

About Me

My name is Jamie, and I am 45 years old. I am originally from the USA but I live in Australia with my husband and two daughters.

I have worn many labels throughout my life. As a young child in America, I was first identified as gifted and ‘painfully shy’.

Throughout the years, I was diagnosed with many mental health conditions such as depression, generalised anxiety disorder, OCD, hypochondria. As a young mother I had prenatal anxiety and depression, as well as postnatal anxiety and depression. At times I had wondered if I had bipolar disorder, and even borderline personality disorder.

If you are neurodivergent, you’ve probably been through the misdiagnosis and google diagnosis merry-go-round too. Maybe, like me, you’ve also been on the medication merry-go-round as well.  And part of my brain make-up is my desire to keep digging until I find the answers. I knew that there was something more going on than ‘just’ anxiety and depression. I knew that I was different from as far back as I could remember. I just couldn’t come to a conclusion that seemed to tick all the boxes.

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Support Dog Wanted!

I’m using Buy Me a Coffee to accept donations. If you received value from reading my blog, and have the capacity to make a donation, I would be incredibly grateful to receive your donation. I am currently looking for a support dog to help ease my anxiety, and would like to use  donations to pay for a dog and training.

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